Free Lumber

One must use extreme caution when working with used lumber, careful inspection for nails and embedded gravel is a must before sawing or running it through a planer.

  • Furniture Manufactures
- Scrap trimmings, often small and irregular but quality wood.
  • Glass Companies
- Large packing crates, often 2" dimension material, 8' or longer.
  • Import Companies
- Packing crates and pallets, cheap grade exotic woods, solid and plywood. Know where the material came from, any wood that may have carried hazardous materials could be dangerous to your health.
- To easily disassemble a pallet drill holes through the center of the nail heads, then knock the boards off, remove what is left of the nail from the rails with visegrips and a pry bar.
Free Metal
  • Metal Fabricators
- Sheet metal roll covers, thin gauge material, often 3' wide X 8' long or larger.
- Short lengths of pipe, angle iron, channel, etc. in recycling bins.

Free Paper

  • Printing Companies
- Butt rolls of paper can be obtained, usually for free, ideal for drawing patterns on.
Please remember that if a company lets you into their shop or yard be courteous. Clean up any mess you create and stay out of the way of the workers.


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